The KU Hospital Transport Scheme is funded solely from a gift donation bequeathed from the estate of Mrs Gillian Merrison, thus honouring the her legacy to ease the financial burden for those in ill health. With prudent use it is hoped that this unique assistance will be available into the foreseeable future.

The scheme is not able to provide voluntary drivers to convey patients, due to legislation for voluntary schemes making driver qualification and insurance unworkable for a very small parish.

Anyone residing in Kirkby Underwood is eligible, applications are not means tested.

The objective is a provision  for those who would benefit from financial support  to attend pre-booked appointments to a hospital or medical facility, within Lincolnshire plus Peterborough City and Fitzwilliam Hospitals due to the high referral rate within our area. 

The Parish Council will pay approved applicants £0.65 per mile (subject to review) towards the cost of provision by friends, relatives (or other forms of transport) to attend and return from treatment or appointments.

The Parish Clerk will calculate the total mileage from the claimants home address to the appointment and return.

The Parish Council will consider, on a case by case basis, financial support to residents beyond the primary area, to attend specialist medical treatment within the UK. The applicant will be formally notified of the authority’s decision.

Kirkby Underwood Parish Council reserve the right to exclude any applicant making fraudulent claims.

Personal data will be used for financial KUPC Hospital Transport Scheme in line with the KUPC Privacy Notice available online see the GDPR section of this website or through the Clerk.