Minutes May 2023 Annual meeting and parish meeting

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council of Kirkby
Underwood Parish Council, held in the Village Hall on Monday 14th May 2023.

Present: Cllr J Ashwood, Cllr L Green, Cllr M Walker, Cllr D Dodds and Cllr A Reeves
Apologies: Clerk, L Davies - medical emergency. Cllr N Robins - SKDC emergency
Public Forum: No members of Public in attendance.

Annual General Parish Meeting
Kirkby Underwood Report for 2022/23 provided by the Chairman:
Welcome to all in attendance. Following all the upheaval of the previous year we now have a stable
Parish Council with all councillors having been returned unopposed at the recent local elections.
I would like to thank Nick Robins for his support and say we are pleased that he was returned to SKDC
and that we look forward to woring with him in the future.
Thank you too to Martin Hill without whom we would have been completely at sea.
Laura Davies, our clerk, has been a great asset; resolving all outstanding issues of compliance and
gaining access to our finances in order that we can fulfil our legal obligations .
Thanks finally to my fellow councillors for not walking away from a difficult situation.
Now with access to training for all councillors we can now go forward as a body to support the
We look forward to 2023/24 as a year of consolidation; we are here to listen to the community and
welcome any suggestions from the residents.

Minutes of last Annual General Parish Meeting held 27th June 2022 approved.
Reports from Police, County and District Councils not available at this time.
No questions and proposals from the Public.

Parish Meeting
Apologies for absence as previously indicated.
Acceptance of Office by elected councillors. The Chair asked each councillor in turn if they accepted the
office of councillor and all agreed they did.
This was followed by Councillor Declarations of Interest where there were no changes.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman were both re-elected.
The Minutes of the last council meeting held on 13th March 2023 agreed.

Parish Matters:

The problem with regard to the gritting of Rippingale has now been resolved. The lack of gritting on the
occasion in question was an error and in future gritting will take place when required.
With regard to the benches two have been sited near the Church overlooking the fields and it was
agreed that the third one would remain at the Village Hall. Metal was the favoured choice for the
placques, which would show a simple sentiment followed by our village name Kirby Underwood and
finally reference to SKDC who provided the funding for the benches.
No update in respect of the maintenance of footpath KkUn/4/1.
Regarding the Merrison Fund Review we are still looking into this and trying to sort a plan.
Community Projects were once again up for discussion in line with the availability of SKDC Community
Funding and following findings from a community meeting held in April. Suggestions such as a board in
the Bus Shelter on the large amount of wildlife in the area and repainting the Telephone Box and a new
use for it were put forward.

Financial Matters:
Review of internal audit 2022/2023 deferrred pending clarificaton from Clerk regarding differences.
Consideration and review of AGAR 2022/2023 also deferred pending clarification needed from Clerk on

Financial Reports:
FY 2023/2024 Accounts todate, Approval of expenditure (All) also deferred.

Urgent Reports:

Any Other Business:
The coffee morning held by the Parish Council was poorly attended and those that did attend were happy
with the village just as it is. One suggestion that did come forward was setting up a nature group for the
children in the village which could be run from the Village Hall. This idea is going to be looked at in a
view to taking it forward.

Public Forum:
No members of the Public present.

Dates for future meetings agreed:
August 7th 2023
November 6th 2023
February 5th 2024
May 13th 2024

Meeting closed at 8.10