Minutes Meeting 10th August 2021

Minutes of Kirkby Underwood Parish Council meeting, held in the village hall on Tuesday 10th August 2021

Present: Cllr H Collinge Chairman, Cllr J Ashwood, Cllr J Kenwood, Cllr B Pottle

In attendance: Mr M Kenwood Parish Clerk, Cllr M Hill Leader LCC, one member of the public.

Meeting commenced at 7 p.m.

1. Apologies for absence. Cllr L Green apology accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011, being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on members register of interests.  None.

3. To approve as a correct record the notes including any amendment of the meeting held on Tuesday 4th May 2021 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes. It was resolved that the minutes were a correct record and the Chair was authorised to sign the minutes.

4. 2023 Political Boundary Changes.  The Boundary Commission England (BCE) have recently published their review of proposals for changes to Parliamentary Constituencies. The proposed plan for Rutland & Stamford shows that Kirkby Underwood's eligible residents voting preferences would then be for Rutland & Stamford candidates for MP from 2023.

The closing date was prior to this meeting, therefore it was debated via  internal email. and the following was proposed and resolved, submitted online to the Boundary Commission.

The majority of Kirkby Underwood Parish Council object to the proposed boundary changes. Kirkby Underwood is a small parish of under 200 residents two and a half miles north of Bourne. Our Church group and the majority of children attend schools in the Grantham constituency. The majority of residents access the NHS in Bourne and Billingborough. The majority of shopping is done in Bourne and Morton. In the past we have always been linked with Rippingale and Bourne within the same parliamentary boundary. It would be wrong to be severed from our historic links. We hope we can convince you to move us back to where we are best served and belong”.  Cllr Hill stated that this would be reviewed in 2022 prior to implementation in 2023.

5. Defibrillator. To receive, consider and resolve. The clerk submitted an evaluation paper, the devices service life is 8 years, requiring replacement in July 2023. A detailed financial comparison of leasing versus purchasing showed the latter was a major cost saving. This will significantly increase the precept over the next two years, reducing long term budgeting over the following 8 years. It was proposed and resolved to budget for purchasing a defibrillator as detailed in the report.

6. Bede Charity. To receive, consider and resolve. The clerk submitted a report on tithe payments from the Brownlow Estate dating back to 1637. This was to provide for the upkeep on the Bede House and its occupants, Whilst these were houses were demolished decades ago these payments are perpetual. Following the death of 7th Baron Brownlow in May 2021, the agents requested the collecting of these monies be passed to this authority. The legal position of the land subject to these payments which total under £60 per annum is unclear and would be uneconomic to pursue non-payment. It was proposed and resolved, that annual invoices would be submitted and payment made on a “good will basis.

7. Community Funding Project. To receive, consider and resolve.  A report was submitted by Cllr Kenwood in relation to funding available from South Kesteven District Council focusing on support on issues of loneliness, mental health and wellbeing, social or rural isolation. The proposal was for the provision of benches in the parish. Details of similar projects undertaken by Lincolnshire Town and Parish Council’s were discussed. It was proposed and resolved, that application for funding will be sought and a meeting to be arranged to progress the project.

8. Financial Matters to receive the clerk’s financial report and to authorise the signing of orders for payment.

8.1) Bank reconciliation to receive, consider and resolve. Proposed and resolved, bank statements and accounts accepted as correct and the Chair authorised to sign the reconciliation.

8.2) Authorise signing of orders for payment. Proposed and resolved, orders for payment totalling £811.73

8.3) Precept and Budget review to receive, consider and resolve. Proposed and resolved, that the budget paper was reviewed and accepted.

9. Planning matters. The following applications received no objections; S21/1483 Outline planning permission for three dwellings in Aslackby Road and two applications for pruning of trees subject to tree preservation orders in Stainfield Road.

10. Highways

10.1) It was proposed and resolved to purchase two temporary ice signage boards within this budget year and a further two signs in the next budget year, to be placed at locations subject to icing.

10.2) Drainage issues junction Rippingale/Aslackby Road. To receive a report from the chairman, he stated that following a letter submitted to Anglia Water, inspection had been conducted. As a result tree root damage to the Anglia Water drain system had been identified. This will require major replacement, prioritised by confirmation that residential drains are fed into this system. The inspection also revealed overflow problems in Callans Lane junction with Church Lane, which will require further investigation. The authority will continue in monitoring progress with Anglia Water.

10.3) Callans Lane road closure between 20th and 24th September 2021. LCC Highways notified this closure 750 metres west of Stainfield Road for Western Power to conduct cabling work.

10.4) Low hanging telephone cabling in Rippingale Road by the telephone box was reported to BT Outreach and dealt with promptly.

11. Receive reports from outside bodies. None.

12. Correspondence. None.

13. Date of next meeting.  Tuesday 9th November 2021

Meeting ended 8.05 p.m.

Signed Cllr H Collinge


9th November 2021