Minutes 9th February 2021

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the safeguarding prohibitions prevent the Council from holding a public meeting. The Local Authority, Police and Crime Panels Regulations 2020 came in to force on 4th April 2020. This provides Local Councils to hold remote meetings via video and telephone conferencing.

Therefore these are the  Minutes of Kirkby Underwood Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at 11.00 a.m. held via video conferencing.

Present: Cllr J Ashwood- Chair: Cllr J Kenwood; Cllr B Pottle

In attendance: Mr M Kenwood Parish Clerk

Meeting commenced at 11.00 a.m.

1. Apologies for absence. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the clerk prior to the meeting. Cllr Mrs L Green and Cllr H Collinge apologies accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011, being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on members register of interests, None.

3. To approve as a correct record the notes including any amendment of the meeting held on Tuesday 10th November 2020 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes. It was resolved that the minutes were a correct record and the Chair was authorised to sign the minutes.

4. To receive, consider and resolve the purchase and donation of a Christmas tree to the community. This was formally resolved.

5. Defibrillator, to receive a report from the clerk, consider and resolve expenditure for service items. The clerk reported that the defibrillator was registered as operational on The Circuit national database. Future budget considerations for replacement, service items and a possible second defibrillator will be discussed at the next meeting.

6. COVID 19 Transport for Vaccination, to receive a report from the clerk, consider and resolve. The clerk reported that a statement on assistance had been published on the notice board, website, Facebook and The Monitor.

7. Safeguarding, to receive a report from the chair, consider and resolve. This matter was discussed and resolved that a Parish Council safeguarding policy was not deemed to be necessary as other agencies detailed these issues.

8. 2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda, to discuss format, candidates for position of Chair and Vice Chair, consider and resolve. The clerk outlined that the current legislation on Parish Council meetings will be revised prior to May 2021. Details will be circulated when available.

Cllr Collinge had informed the clerk he was willing to be consider as Chairman. The clerk requested that application for Vice Chairman should be submitted prior to the Annual Parish Council Meeting to enable formal acceptance papers to be prepared.

9. Financial Matters to receive the clerk’s financial report and to authorise the signing of orders for payment.

9.1) Bank reconciliation to receive, consider and resolve. Resolved, bank statements and accounts accepted as correct and the Chair authorised to sign the reconciliation.

9.2) Authorise signing of orders for payment. Resolved, that orders for payment totalling £774.29

9.3) Precept and Budget review to receive, consider and resolve. Resolved, that the budget paper was reviewed and accepted.

9.4) Appoint internal auditor for 2020/21 Audit,  to receive, consider and resolve. The clerk reported that Mrs Belinda Moore had agreed to be internal auditor. It was considered and resolved that Mrs Moore be appointed.

10. Planning matters. None

11. Highways

11.1) Decision on application for modification of public rights of way Callans lane to Temple wood. The clerk reported that the application was refused by Lincolnshire County Council and the route was private.

11.2) Signage to receive a report on signage applications, consider and resolve. Cllr Kenwood stated that a village sign for Aslackby Road has been requested from LCC Highways Department. It will be constructed and installed later this year. The question of Callans Lane ice warning signage had been raised with the Highways department, and was unlikely to be within the national criteria. The possibly of landowners private signage is to be explored for discussion at the May 2021 meeting.

11.3)  Drainage issues junction Rippingale/Aslackby road, to receive a report, consider and  resolve. The clerk reported that this ongoing issue had been reported to Highways department and awaits a reply.

12. Receive reports from outside bodies. None.

13. Correspondence. None.

14. Date of next meeting. Tuesday 4th May 2021

Meeting ended 12.02 p.m.

Signed Cllr H Collinge Chairman

Dated 4th May 2021