Annual Parish meeting 27th June 2022

Kirkby Underwood Extraordinary meeting 27th June 2022
Present Cllr L Green, Cllr N Robin, Cllr M Hill,Cllr J Ashworth, D Dodds, M Walker and
Clerk L Davies
Public & Press Gillian Reynolds and a member of the public who wished not to be
Annual Parish Meeting – Agenda
The Annual Parish Meeting will commence at 7.00pm as per the agenda below.
1. Welcome by the Chairman and Annual Report.
10. The annual report from the previous chair was not available, acting Chair Cllr Louise
Green, welcomed 3 new councillors and a new clerk have been appointed and the council have
become quorim again.
2. To approve Minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting.
11. Previous minutes accessible on the website for the 4th May 2021. Approved
3. Receive Reports from Police, County & District Councils
12. Requests sent but due to annual holidays, nothing presented.
4. Questions & Proposals from the Public
13. Raised by G. Reynolds was the council anaysising why the previous council left in
the sudden manner, will a safeguarding policy be created? As the new council is in its infancy,
these issues will be addressed and raised in the next meeting. As only just back up to full
strength making it quorum and able to function. The council much wants to move forward and
learn from the previous issues. Also footpath KkUn/4/1, is inaccessible, and advice will be
added to the next meeting's agenda.
Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council – Agenda
The Annual General Meeting will commence at 7.18pm or immediately following the Annual
Parish Meeting.
The public are welcome to observe the meeting but are not permitted to speak unless invited by
the Chairman; a 5-minute Post Meeting Public Forum will be held to enable the public to
comment on the AGM.
1. Apologies for absence.
13. Cllr D Dodd and, Cllr M Hill send apologies due to personal commitments.
2. Councillor Acceptance of Office.
14. All Cllr accept office.
3. Councillor Declarations of Interest.
15. None
4. Election of Chairman.
16. Cllr L Green proposed that Cllr J Ashwood would become Chair going forward, and
the remaining Cllrs agreed.
5. Election of Vice chairman.
17. Vice chair Cllrs J Ashwood proposed that Cllr L Green would become Vice, this was
unanimously agreed.
6. Confirmation of allocation of members to designated roles and responsibilities – All:

18. As the parish is a relatively small parish and Cllrs new into our roles, so that can
work to our strengths, these shall be moved to the next meeting. Where roles can be removed
or added if required. Thou Newsletter, can be removed as the monitor is sufficient for the village
needs and has space for Parish news.
a. Police Forum Representative b. Emergency Plan Representative
c. Finance Supervisor d. Kirkby Underwood Neighbourhood Plan Representatives
e. Defibrillator Representatives f Village Maintenance Coordinator
g. Village Hall Management Committee Liaison i. Council Newsletter - Resolved to
be discontinued
k. Accessibility and disablement assistance
7. Approve Minutes of last Council Meeting (23rd May 2022) (All)
19. Council unanimously approved previous meeting minutes. Resolved.
8. Parish Matters:
a. To consider the location of Jubilee Benches.
20. Benches were not funding for the Jubilee, but to combate rural loneliness. The
locations need to be in a safe location, the land owner gives permission and not to interrupt
utilities or maintenance of the area. One bench has been sited up by the church. The remaining
are proposed to be sited on Aisby road, by the bus stop on the right hand side. Was pointed out
this would get the evening sunlight. The other was on Rippingale road. The contractor who will
be installing the bench is concerned about hitting the utilities, so a map of the utilities is
required. Clerk to locate. It was agreed that Cllrs should meet and discuss the locations in
person to ensure the locations are clear, agreed good practice.
9. Financial Matters:
a. To review internal audit 2021/2022.
21. The clerk has still not been able to gain access to the bank accounts, therefore
unable to forward to the internal auditor. But have an auditor in place.
b. To review AGAR 2021/2022.
22. The AGAR is to the best of their knowledge accurate and correct, but time is against
the council as the deadline is the 30th June 2022. The previously clerks records look a true
account, but unable to check against the 31st March statements.Clerk and Chair to signed
C. To review signatories on KUW Parish Bank accounts
23. The clerk has still not been able to gain access to the bank accounts, due to the dual
signatures present on the account. It was unanimously agreed that the clerk, Laura Davies, is
authorised by Kirkby Underwood Parish Council authority to all bank accounts.
10. Financial Reports:
a. FY 2022/23 Accounts to date; Approval of expenditure (All)
24. As per issues with the bank, aware of the outstanding invoice from the accountant.
11. To Receive any Urgent Reports.
25. Raised by the clerk that meetings need to be more regular until items are resolved,
such as the bank and insurances. Agreed to move to bi monthly, to ensure that the council
resolves outstanding items.
Dates Proposed
11th July, 12th September, 14th November, 9th January 2022, 13th March 2023 & 8th May 2023

12. Public Forum.
Next meeting: General meeting –11th July 2022 in the Village Hall.