Minutes Meeting 9th November 2021

Minutes of Kirkby Underwood Parish Council meeting, held in the village hall on Tuesday 9th November 2021

Present: Cllr H Collinge Chairman, Cllr L Green Vice Chairman, Cllr J Ashwood, Cllr J Kenwood, Cllr B Pottle

In attendance: Mr M Kenwood Parish Clerk, one member of the public.

Meeting commenced at 7 p.m.

1. Apologies for absence. Cllr M Hill apology accepted.

2. To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011, being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on members register of interests.  Cllr L Green declared an interest in item 9.

3. To approve as a correct record the notes including any amendment of the meeting held on Tuesday 10th August 2021 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes. It was resolved that the minutes were a correct record and the Chair was authorised to sign the minutes.

4. Telephone Kiosk to consider a request from the Aveland History Group. The authority received correspondence from the group on the possibility of a community project for the inclusion of stained glass art and other art mediums within the kiosk. Whilst this received a positive response it was resolved to request the group to provide further detailed proposals, possibly providing a presentation at the next meeting. The clerk to arrange.

5. The Conservation Volunteers Free Trees offer. Following previous donations from The Conservation Volunteers, this years application now defines a revised condition. The offer for free trees is limited to those planted on publicly land accessible land. Details of the project must be shown on the application. As the authority does not own any land, it was proposed and resolved that the guidance of Mr S Tarrant who has assisted the Parish Council on previous countryside issues would be sought .

6. Bede Charity. The clerk reported that invoices to land owners were issued on 18th October 2021 some payments have been received. Annual payment to the village hall for the Senior Citizens function will be made once the Village Hall Committee plans are finalised. It was proposed and resolved that the Chairman would write to the landowners who have outstanding payments.

7. Community Funding Project. Cllr Kenwood stated that landowners at the proposed sites had kindly agreed and supported the installation of park benches. The application for a grant has been submitted to South Kesteven District Council. It is anticipated that those authorities applications which are successful will be published by the end of November. Details of the project will be outlined in the forthcoming Parish Council Newsletter, It was proposed and resolved to thank the landowners for their support.

8. The Queens Platinum Jubilee Beacons 2nd June 2022. Buckingham Palace have invited communities, individuals and organisations to participate in the celebrations on 2nd-5th June 2022. It was considered, proposed and resolved that this would be discussed over the coming months with the possibility of staging an event in the Parish. Matter to be included in the next Parish Council meeting.

9. Footpath Number 4 Aslackby Road. Following a request from a resident, details of this unused and overgrown footpath were forward to Lincolnshire County Council Rights of Way department.

They reported that: “unfortunately the South Kesteven public rights of way network contains a large number of anomalies and PF 4 would appear to be one of them.   The footpath commences at Aslackby Road and it terminates at the Kirkby Underwood/ Aslackby parish boundary.  Whilst it is possible that the route continued beyond the parish boundary, at this moment in time the route is a cul-de-sac and doesn't serve any network value.  The County Council has therefore given the route the lowest priority and does not intend to undertake any works on the path at the current time”.

The resident requested the Parish Council to consider residents clearing the route. It was proposed and resolved that the authority concurred with the Lincolnshire County Council view and considered that the would be a major project beyond the scope of the Parish Council. The Chairman agreed to inform the resident accordingly.

10. Rippingale Draft Neigbourhood Plan. It was considered, proposed and resolved that the authority had no objections to the plan. Clerk to inform Rippingale Parish Council.

11. Financial Matters to receive the clerk’s financial report and to authorise the signing of orders for payment.

11.1) Bank reconciliation to receive, consider and resolve. Proposed and resolved, bank statements and accounts accepted as correct and the Chair authorised to sign the reconciliation.

11.2) Authorise signing of orders for payment. Proposed and resolved, orders for payment totalling £592.63.

11.3) Precept and Budget review to receive, consider and resolve. Proposed and resolved, that the 2022/23 precept budget of £3870 was agreed. The principal increase being for the provision  for a new defibrillator in 2023 previously resolved. Details to be included in the forthcoming Newsletter.

12. Planning matters. None

13. Highways

13.1) Ice signage. A set of temporary ice signage boards have been purchased within this budget year and further signage costed in the next budget year. Cllr Ashwood agreed to store the signs and erect them when the weather is inclement in Callans Lane adjacent to Callans Lane Wood  which is subject to icing.

13.2) Drainage issues junction Rippingale/Aslackby Road. The chairman stated that following a letter submitted to Anglia Water, inspection had been conducted, tree root damage identified and rectified. This will be monitored over the coming months, hopefully this is now resolved.

14. Receive reports from outside bodies. None.

15. Correspondence. None.

16. Date of next meeting.  Tuesday 8th February 2021

17. Confidential business.To resolve to move into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to employee appraisal.

Meeting ended 8 15. p.m.

Signed Cllr H Collinge Chairman